Where to begin?

This sacramental question to anyone who has decided to devote himself to auto repair, automotive diagnostics and tuning chip. The question is rather complicated. Let’s try to tell you what it takes.


Basic requirements for a diagnosticians candidate are desire and ability for self-learning, the initially average (ideally deep)knowledge of ICE theory, ability to understand the electrical wiring diagrams, the advanced ability to use a computer, electronic databases and other reference books, diagnostic instruments and equipment. At least basic knowledge of electronics and solder skill. And, last but not least well-developed sense of intuition.

You must be clear about the specifics of the”industry”: in the car, where everything is interconnected, you can not limit yourself with single issue, sometimes many faults are not directly related to the injection system. Diagnostician has to know the engine from A to Z, to be a good car electrician, know as modern fuel injection system as well as earlier versions. In this profession, as in many others,when you stop learning you start losing.

Let’s assume you got it all (fantastic!), Now you need to make the necessary set of equipment. Of course,  to buy all at once is pretty hard, but gradually you will come to the conclusion that without a good tools you got no future in this business.


Where can one learn the profession? Unfortunately, virtually anywhere. Numerous courses are usually organised for profit but not for real learning. The result is almost the same as driving instruction at a driving school, the goal – to get right, and then – natural selection. Our website can offer you a “part-time” learning the basics of self-diagnosis – a unique, unparalleled, video course for Beginners “training vehicle diagnostics.”


What equipment is essential on diagnostic depot? Let’s try to answer this question.

Just to specify that I do not consider diagnostic techniques by ear by eye acceptable today. Far from diminishing the role of man in the diagnostic process, on the other hand, considering technician as the key element without which, in principle, impossible to achieve any significant results, I still believe that high-quality equipment is absolutely a must.

There are three reasons for this . Firstly, in the 21st century having electronics, computers and other intelligent systems. And the car diagnosis with antiquated methods, based on the human senses and intuition, looks simply ridiculous. Secondly, the consumers choice has recently become much higher. There are more people willing to pay for high-quality professional repair and this reflects economic situation. Thirdly. The success of the diagnostics depot work cannot and should not depend on the diagnostician subjective perception of the situation . Man – both the strongest and the weakest link in any process. He may be tired or suffering headache or simply vacationing. Any of his colleague should get on place of the missing and continue the same work. And if the first feels the mixture on a scent, what to do for second one, if there is no gas analyzer?! Once again I think specialist with his knowledge and intuition is the most important link, but the role of diagnostic equipment in the production process is also very important.

So, we complete diagnostic station. First of all, we should know that of all the types of diagnostic devices can be divided into three main groups. These groups – the cornerstone, it is something without which competent troubleshooting turns into a dull process based on the method of substitution. If on old timer vehicles this method still rolls, when dealing with new cars it is impossible to determine. In the area of diagnostics is essential to have at least one representative of the three groups. Let’s name them:

Diagnostic Scan tools.

Modern engine management system meets stringent emission regulations where the main element comprises an electronic control unit (ECU). So the scan tool is designed to work with the ECU, to “scan” it. Let’s recall, how the unit operates. It receives information about the current state of the engine with the set of sensors, processes it in accordance with the program installed, and outputs control signals to the so-called actuators  (MI). Furthermore, ECU endowed with ability to detect failures in the control system. Since the scanner works with the unit, it allows us to:

  1. Watch the signals from the sensor system, monitor their changes over time.
  2. Check the work by bringing actuators into action for visual or other control.
  3. Read the systems stored fault codes .
  4. View the identity of the computer data, systems, etc.

It should be clearly understood that the scanner outputs on the screen  is something that ECU  can “see”.

This is not the true values of voltages or other parameters. If for any reason (eg bad “mass”) sensor is lying, then on the scanner screen we see misleading information. In other words, the scanner is a measuring instrument. It just displays the data from the ECU it has been plugged to, one has to understand and treat the received information appropriately. Similarly, we should be wary with fault codes info. These code is not a plea to replace it, but only food for further thoughts and research. Example: oxygen sensor error reflects rich mixture. Got to be changes? Not at all. We must look for the cause of the rich mixture. A mistake “Open the knock sensor” on Bosch systems already entered into legend. As for the types of scanners, they are two: portable and software, working in conjunction with a personal computer. Each of the type has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s up to you to choose. For more information about a particular product can be found on the website of the developer. To use the scanner software you will need:

A computer. Better not particularly powerful, but the laptop. A prerequisite is the presence on the laptop COM – port or adaptor PCMCI-COM (At this stage, it is the main connector for interfacing with diagnostic equipment). The light from the SMS-Software development software products on the computer presence soon be desirable, but not necessary.

Final Words:

You can check HexTag programmer for BMW and Porsche as a startup tool which will work the basic functions in diagnose