How to do Key Programming in BMW Cars


BMW key programming is one of the most sought-after brands in cars , has provisions for programming its keys! Yes, with the new technology, you have many locksmith tools and software that can be used for programming the keys to these cars. Let us know more about these BMW Key Programmers.

A BMW key programmer allows the users to read, write, block, unblock, save or delete any CAS key. A BMW key programmer in an all-in-one programmer which is capable of solving different issues related to BMW key programming.

Earlier if someone lost the key to his or her BMW car, or in case the key was stolen by someone, there was no other alternative than ordering a new key. But, with further advancement of technology it is now possible to program the key to your BMW car so that such problem may be avoided.

One of the leading BMW key programmers is Autohex II Diagnostic tool. This brand also produces diagnostic software for BMWs. Its main key programming functions are:

  • Managing Current Keys: It enables or disables keys in BMW vehicles.
  • To Program Key in Ignition Shot: It can be used to program transponders in ignition shot.
  • To Program Prepared Key: It can program a prepared key in HTag Pro Key Tool.
  • Program Key when All Working Keys are Lost: It mainly deals with the cars whose all keys are lost in encrypted CAS3.

You might be considering approaching a locksmith as a solution to your problem. However, it should be noted that allowing a locksmith to handle the case involves a lot of risk!

First of all, the tools that he will use are generally the cheaper ones, manufactured in China, and using them might cause damages to the car. Some of these tools even require you to disassemble the Car Access System which is the security system of the car.

So, make sure that your locksmith is not using any such tool for your car. The new security system in BMW is designed in such a way that the key data is not saved in the Car Access System unlike other data. It is secured in the form of codes and requires adequate knowledge of advanced technology for successful handling. This ability is offered to you by Autohex II Diagnostic tool.

This tool is also capable of programming the key as it remains present in the OBD II socket, keeping the parts of the car intact. The method proves to be safer than the other ones.

For best results, you need a pre-existing key in your car, in the proper working condition. Autohex II has got a working key which can conclude the coding password. After concluding the same, it instructs the Car Access System to program a new key. After the new key data is successfully encoded, it is safely stored.

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